Wat is de beste Lexion herinnering is/wat zul je nooit vergeten?
My resident DJing time at lexion/After hour power for the people, the music and the atmosphere, breaking new music and productions.
Wat is volgens jou de ultieme ‘Lexion Classic (welke track dus) is en waarom?
My ultimate track was INVISIBLE MAN – GIVE A LITTLE LOVE (original mix) because it was simply killlllllller along with perpetual motion Keep on dancing MACATTACK tunes which only I had at this time.
Wat heb je het meeste gemist de afgelopen jaren?
I don’t miss much lol, after leaving my residencies in Holland I travelled the world had children and produced many tracks and remixes, I’ve been blessed y’all.
Wat verwacht je van de Lexion Revival?
I expect to feel the LOVE because that’s all I bring to my old Dutch friends xx.
Hoe ga jij er een feestje van maken tijdens de Lexion Revival?
I will enjoy it to the max with you all and maybe a little dance with everyone.

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